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Hi everyone, I am Joe.

I was born an Army brat, enlisted in the USAF in 1970, and I retired in 1991.  The systems I worked included  Avionics on USAF aircraft RF-4C, T-29, UH-1, KC-135, B-52G & H, and F-4E, Avionics Intermediate Shops for F-16 & F-15 and the AIS Mobile Facility Program.

For the next 23 years I worked in Manufacturing, mainly in Production Scheduling.  I retired in 2014 after my wife continued to have health issues related to two open-heart surgeries in 2012.

My wife, my best friend, passed away in 2015, two weeks short of our 40th anniversary.  I believe that God does always answer our prayers…it’s just that sometimes His answer is “No”, and we often have difficulty trying to understand.  

All of our “kids” have/had four legs and tails-dogs, horses, cats, so right now it’s just me and three “kids”, Sherrill, Andy and Jack.


I will make the best of whatever comes next…and I am doing that here with Wealthy Affiliate.



I am reaching out to you because when I retired from the U. S. Air Force in 1991 and had to start over in search of a new career in “The Civilian Sector”, the resources to assist veterans leaving the service were few and far between.

I am elated to be able to share the Wealthy Affiliate experience with fellow veterans, your family members, beginners, students, retirees and anyone searching for the opportunity to earn additional income as well.




The internet in 1991 wasn’t what it is now, and there are so many more opportunities available online today.  Wealthy Affiliate is but one of those opportunities, but WHAT an opportunity it is.

There are so many scams that we all need to protect ourselves from.  Not only is this not one of them, but at Wealthy Affiliate you will have the ability to join FREE (NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED) and find out all that is available to you.  You can look under the hood, kick the tires, check out the radio, and even take it for a spin around the block–all with no commitment.

You will be guided through the development of YOUR free website, taught how to bring traffic to your website, and introduced to affiliate marketing.

This IS NOT a “get rich quick” scheme…it won’t happen overnight, and you will get out of it what you put into it.

I invite you to share my website with others that you think might benefit from it.  If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,




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