Free Internet Marketing – Does It Exist?


February 25, 2018


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Free internet marketing, at times, seems to be an elusive subject. With all the scams over the phone and online, we are predisposed to be suspicious of offers that seem to be “too good to be true”. My purpose here is to help you to feel confidant in making an informed decision, and that it isn’t “too good to be true”, that it is just TRUE.  But is it the best for you?  I want to help you decide that for yourself.




How do I earn your trust? That is a tall order for someone that you don’t know, have never heard of, who is going to try to convince you to make a commitment for something online. I take that responsibility very seriously, because I want to earn your trust no matter what you decide at the end of this post.

To begin with, take a look at a little about me here.


That was my profile at Wealthy Affiliate (WA), the affiliate marketing family that brought me here–the purpose of my writing this for you.





Yes, Family. I communicate with other members of the WA Family daily, and have for the 6 months that I have been a member. At this writing I “follow” 417 of over one million members. I see what they post and they see what I post, and we have the option to comment on one another’s posts.  We also have the option of communicating in Live Chat, as well as Private Messaging.


Brass Tacks


Yep–that’s what we are going to get down to…the Brass Tacks of Wealthy Affiliate, the FREE affiliate marketing program. Is it completely free? No it’s not, if you want to take advantage of the full capability that it has to offer…and why am I telling you that? Because I want to earn your trust, and the truth is the best way to do that. Please read on…


How To Design A Website For Free


Yes, here is that “Free” thing again. Well, it is free. To a limit.  It is Free to join as a Starter Member, and you can stay a starter member forever, or at least until the sun burns out (5 billion years, +/-). But I wouldn’t advise it. What I advise is to join for free, use your Starter Membership to it’s max, and see what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer at that level, and THEN consider what is available at the Premium Level Membership. Take a look:



Now why in the world, if I am being honest with you, would I try to convince you to just be a Free Member? There is so much more available for Premium Members. I started as a free member, and went Premium at the end of my first week, and haven’t regretted it. Also, there are no up sells in WA…the only other payment option is the Annual Membership at $359, but even that averages out to a less than $30 per month rate. Do I have an Annual Membership? No, not yet…but I will, as soon as I can afford it… I have a budget, too, you know.



But what other costs are there?


Can you spend more? Yes. Notice the 50 websites that you can host on WA. 25 are hosted on WA’s Siterubix platform (these 25 are free), and you can host another 25 on your own domain. You have to purchase your own domains, from wherever you wish… I purchased mine from WA for $13.99 each per year, and have one site hosted on WA’s Siterubix (yes, free). To offset the costs of membership, you can also partake of Wealthy Affiliate’s own Affiliate Program. Not bad, considering a comparable program of a competitor is $250 per month.

A Review


For a review that I did previously on Wealthy Affiliate’s effectiveness for Beginners, Click Here. It will give you a “soup to nuts” description of what you can expect from Wealthy Affiliate.




Nope. But what I will tell you is that you will get out of Wealthy Affiliate what you put into it. Follow your training…for Premium Members, two separate programs, Bootcamp for becoming a WA Affiliate and the Certification Course for other pursuits. Also, members are encouraged to develop training, too.
Want to learn more? Go here.

When you are ready to elevate to the Premium Membership, I will be ready with a Bonus for you!!!


I hope by now I have earned your trust. If you decide to join WA, I will be right there beside you, passing to you what I can, and finding answers from others when I can’t. 

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Best wishes for your success,






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