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February 19, 2018


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When I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate, I was just searching for a way to make a little extra money online, and looked at mystery shopping, coupons and surveys–the usual “stuff”.  I don’t even remember how I came into contact with Wealthy Affiliate. I looked at other offers, and finally decided that WA is definitely the best free website building and hosting program that I had found.

The Welcome Matt



Each new member is welcomed by the owners and mentored by an experienced member.  Members are encouraged to build a network of followers from the WA membership, similar to social media.  Each member is notified by email from WA when a member they follow submits a post, and are able, even encouraged, to comment.

“Newbie” is an affectionate term (definitely not derogatory) used by all for new members, because we were all “Newbies” at one time.  At 6 months in, I still consider myself a “Newbie”, and many other members think of themselves the same.

To read my review of Wealthy Affiliate, Click Here!!!


Following the Beginner Training course is encouraged from the beginning, as well as asking questions when needed.

Affiliate Bootcamp Training Phase 1 is also included for Starter Members.

You will have accesses to video walk-throughs, and via the Affiliate Program you can earn while you learn.



Free accesses to Jaaxy has recently been added for keyword research, providing accesses to millions of critical keywords for your content to get your posts and blogs ranked in by Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Higher ranking here vastly increases your ability to bring visitors to your sites.




For the first 7 days as a starter Member, Live Chat is available and is a valuable activity for learning and asking questions.  A personal Affiliate Blog is also included.

Free Websites

2 free websites hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s Siterubix platform are yours free for as long as you remain a Starter member.


OK, they say nothing lasts forever, but from Wealthy Affiliate’s standpoint, there is no end to your Starter Membership.  You are, however, limited to what you can access prior to joining Premium.  Here is a comparison Starter and Premium:


And also, very often you get what you pay for.  Although Starter Members may stay Starters indefinitely, WA is not going to leave you there if you want to advance and take full advantage of all that is offered.

There is an opportunity to go Premium with a BONUS that I am offering.  Premium level is $49 per month or annually for $359), then you have full accesses to 2 complete Certification programs and all other training and items listed in the chart above.  I went Premium at the end of my first week, and have never regretted it.

There are no up sells to the Premium Membership–you are there!!!  Even though the Annual Membership at $359 sounds like an increase, it isn’t required, and actually equates to less than $30 per month.

Premium Members can have 25 free websites hosted on WA’s Siterubix platform (I have, at this writing, one hosted here), and 25 free websites on their own domains (I have two here).  Domains may also be purchased through Wealthy Affiliate (mine were, both at $13.99 each).  You have the ability to transfer you own domains to the WA platform, and the charge for that is…wait for it…NOTHING!!!


You have nothing to lose to find out if Wealthy Affiliate is for you.  Join for Free and check it out!!!  Once you are a Starter Member, I will be contacting you with that surprise BONUS!!!


I hope I have piqued your interest and given you the information you need to make and informed decision. If you have further questions or comments, please leave them below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  I hope to hear from you soon.


Best wishes,



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