March 1, 2018


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“Free?” you ask.  “Yes, absolutely!!!” I answer, “No credit card required”.  “OK, what’s the catch?” you ask.  “To fulfill that statement, there is no catch.” I answer.  You are still suspicious, and rightly so…I don’t blame you, at all.  In fact, you should be suspicious.  That’s a pretty bold claim.  To begin with, I am not going to ask you to pay me any money.  Read on, and I will provide you with the guidance to get started.


You will have the following available to you from the beginning:

  • Create and edit your Profile
  • 2 free websites, hosted on platforms
  • Site Builder–to create your websites
  • Site manager–to access your websites and Site Health
  • Site Content–the writing platform for post/pages to your websites (I’m using it now) with Spell Check and access to over one million free images
  • Certification Course, Lesson 1
  • Bootcamp Course, Lesson 1
  • Live Chat for the first seven days
  • 1-on1 Coaching for the first seven days
  • Change your settings
  • be an Affiliate for (receive commission for new members that you bring)
  • Use the search Bar
  • Build a Network of Friends by Following other Members and reading their Blogs


Now is about time for that suspicion to begin to creep back in…I know, it did for me, but that’s OK.  Why in the world would a business give all that away for free?  Why, to offer you more, of course…and they do.  Boy, do they ever.  The key is Offer, not Required–the Free portion isn’t a trick, it is valid–I know, because I went through it, and am a Member.  Why should you pay attention to someone who is a member?  Who better than someone that knows the program from the inside, and how it works?  And I am going to explain it all to you.



You will begin for free as a Starter Member, and like I said previously, there is no credit card required to be a Starter Member, and you can remain a Starter Member for as long as you like .  The purpose behind this membership is to give you the opportunity to examine the program, and experience it hands-on…like test driving an automobile, or tasting free samples at the grocery store (neither of those requires credit cards either). 


The natural progression is, at the end of the first week, to become a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate for $49 dollars a month.  I was so impressed and hungry for more that I chose to be a Premium Member at the end of that first week.  I still have no regrets, and am in it for the long haul.


Want to know a little about me before reading on?  Check out my About Joe page on this website.


Then Click Here to see my Profile at Wealthy Affiliate.

Well, if you are still here, you must want to learn more, so I am going to tell you…a lot more.

First, if you haven’t already noticed it, I want to call your attention the AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE to the right.  It basically says that I might receive a commission if you buy something from or through my site.  While that is true, it is not why I am here.  I am here because you are here, looking for answers, and I want to help you find them.

If you like what you see, and decide to join Wealthy Affiliate, then yes, I will receive a commission, but ONLY WHILE YOU REMAIN A MEMBER.  You can join for FREE, and remain a Starter member for as long as you like.  So if this is a scam, or not a very effective program and you decide to leave or not go Premium, then I’m not going to make much, am I?  You can do the same.


What Is Included, Free And Premium


In my time here, I have built three websites, all hosted by Wealthy Affiliate, included with my Premium Membership.  The first two were initially hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s Siterubix domain, for FREE. I have since move one to a domain that I purchased through Wealthy Affiliate for $13.99 per year.  The website that you are viewing now I purchased through Wealthy Affiliate for $13.99 per year also, after I went Premium.

Here is a comparison of what you get at the Starter and Premium level:





If you decide to go Premium, you will have access to all that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, at no additional cost–there are no up sells. The only other payment option is to pay yearly for $359–you can do the math yourself, if you want, but that works out to an equivalent monthly average of less than $30.  Just recently, at the request of many members, a 6 month membership at $234 has been added–that is the equivalent of $39 per month.

Now I want cover a few of the items listed in the chart above:




Starter Members can have two free websites, hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s Siterubix domain. Premium Members can have 50 websites, 25 free on Siterubix, and 25 on their own purchased domains (you buy the domains, hosting here is free).

While I created all of my sites in less than a minute, there are finishing touches that are part of the training. It can be a constantly evolving process–not like you are never finished, but always learning new tweaks from other members and thinking “Hey, I want to try that!!!”

For more information on Wealthy Affiliate’s website development, click here.

Training Courses




No, No, No…no push ups…PC training courses.

There are two: the Certification Course, which covers online marketing. The other course is Bootcamp, with focuses on being an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate.

They both consist of The owners, Kyle and Carson, and WA members contributing videos, posts and blogs. Jay conducts a live WAbinar weekly.  There is a 25 person support staff.


Affiliate Program


The Affiliate Program at Wealthy Affiliate is structured to be taken advantage of by not only Premium Members, but Starters also. Starter Members are also able to participate along with Premium Members in the pursuit of Affiliate Marketing, consisting of offering links to products and services to prospective consumers.


Keyword Source


Wealthy Affiliate provides its members with free access to Jaaxy, the source of 500 million keywords, the critical link to recognition of your posts/blogs by internet search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Keywords can be saved in lists for future reference.

Jaaxy also has Site Rank capability to inform you where your posts/blogs rank in relation to the competition.

Jaaxy also has its own Affiliate program that Wealthy Affiliate members can take advantage of.




The bottom line is that if you are at all interested in Wealthy Affiliate, you can join for free (again, no credit card) and remain a starter member for as long as you like.

If you want to read my How Can I Make Extra Income Online? – A Review Of The Wealthy Affiliate Process, click here.


As I said earlier, I want to help you find the method for building your website that is best suited for you. I hope I have given you enough information to do that. I would be glad to answer you questions or reply to your comments–just submit them below, and I will reply as soon as I can. Thanks for visiting.


Best wishes for your success,









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