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March 5, 2018


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Hello, I’m Joe. I bet you don’t see many blog posts start like that, do you? I just want you to know who you are connected with. To start with, I invite you to read my About Joe page here, and my Profile at Wealthy Affiliate.

I would also like to call your attention to the Affiliate Disclosure at the right.


Work At Home Income




Now, hopefully, you know a little about me. Also know this–I am here to give you information to help you make a decision on the best way for you to earn income at home. There a number of options on the internet, many are scams, and you don’t know which are scams and which are valid. I want to address only one–Wealthy Affiliate.  If you need money quick, it isn’t for you, and I am not going to tell you it is.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a “get-rich-quick” scheme or plan.  So what is it? It is a process that educates you in building an online business, from “soup to nuts”, all-inclusive.  From selecting something you are passionate about (your NICHE), then creating a website, further structuring it, how to structure content, use of social media, videos, how to attract visitors, and more.


Wealthy Affiliate is for you if:

  • You are retired
  • You are a Veteran
  • You are a student
  • You are a stay-at-home parent
  • You are looking at leaving the “workforce” to work online
  • You are just looking to add income
  • You have some experience
  • You are a beginner


Wealthy Affiliate is not for you if:

  • You need financial help fast–I’m not sure if any online marketing will help


But Is Wealthy Affiliate FOR ME?


Well, that is for you to decide…BUT, you can get a very good idea if it is for you FREE!!! You can join for free, NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED for a Starter Membership. You may stay a Starter Member for as long as you like, with 2 free websites hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s Siterubix domain.

The only other membership level is Premium, at $49 per month. Once you are a Premium member, you have the option of paying annually, a yearly $359 payment, which is a pretty good deal if you can afford the payment–it works out to and average monthly equivalent of less than $30. We will get into the differences of the two memberships below.

I went Premium at the end of my first week, and never regretted it.


Starter Member vs Premium Member… What’s The Difference?


I’m glad you asked…take a look below:




As you can see, as a Starter Member, you get quite a lot for FREE. But, in my opinion, the real value is the Premium Membership, with so much more to offer. However, that is up to you to decide–that’s why I recommend beginning with the Starter membership and then making the decision later whether to Premium.


What is A Niche?

To draw visitors to your website, you need to select a subject that you are passionate about and have knowledge of–that is your niche. It shouldn’t be too broad–you need to be able to attract people with specific interests and questions. Wealthy Affiliate will help and guide you in selecting your niche.
Don’t be concerned about choosing a niche that someone else has chosen–think of all the products on the market that have competitors.


How To Develop A Website

Wealthy Affiliate has two routes to your success. One is the
Certification Course, where you select your niche and proceed to build
your website. In the other, Bootcamp, Wealthy Affiliate is your niche,
and you learn how to build your website and become an affiliate of WA.

Your niche might be related to healthy living, or exercise, or electronics related. Amazon has an affiliate program that you can join. Visitors to your site are directed to Amazon via links from your site, and you earn commissions on any sales resulting from that visit. There are millions of Items for sale on Amazon…think you can find something to be your niche?

You will be guided through selecting a theme for you website, setting up menus, adding plugins to make your site more efficient. SiteRubix is where you will build your website, use the writing platform to write your posts and pages, offer and receive feedback and comments on your and other members websites, and contact Site Support if have a problem that other members can’t help you with.

Also stressed is effectively structuring your website to display successfully on mobile devices.



Training at Wealthy Affiliate is top priority. Kyle, one of the owners, provides posts and videos, weekly Live Training WAbinars are presented by Jay.

Classroom Training includes:


  • WA Affiliate Program
  • Keywords
  • WordPress
  • Content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media marketing
  • Website Development
  • Local Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Platform
  • Pay Per Click Marketing


More experienced members also develop training and all members are encouraged to “pay it forward” and help each other within the community.


Keyword Selection


The use of keywords, words and phrases that search engines use, is crucial to having your posts and pages being indexed and ranked, which gives your work exposure to others searching the internet.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you free access to Jaaxy, a source of over 500 million keywords. You can develop list of keywords which can then be saved in list for reference later. You can also check the ranking of your work by Google, Bing and Yahoo using Jaaxy.

Jaaxy also has an affiliate program available to Wealthy Affiliate members.


Now It’s Up To You



All of this from the comfort of your own home. Remember, it doesn’t cost anything to join and remain a Starter Member for as long as you like. And, when you do decide to become a Premium Member, I am authorized and prepared to offer you a BONUS!!!  The decision is yours.  I hope I have given you enough information to make that decision.


Find out more for yourself about Wealthy Affiliate, click here.


I would be happy to answer any questions you have or to respond to your comments–just leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Best wishes,






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